Emulation Tech Specs

This emu works on a C64 PAL with a Sony LaserMax 1500P laserdisc player (I suppose Sony family works too). Laserdisc is PAL version, now I use Philips ’83 disc.

You need a RS232 interface for user-port. I found an easy project based on RS232max chip, very simple and cheap.
Project page in german language: http://der-nimmermann.de/commodore/netz/vernetzung.html

Other RS232 interfaces on user-port could works too (not test, let me know if your works)

Make a Sony Lasermax serial cable, it’s a null-modem cable type with 3-line.
LDP side, pins connected:
– DSR with DTR
– CTS with RTS

The connection DSR+DTR needed to have EXT CPU mode enabled on LDP.

On LDP set 2400 baud speed (see manual), or download manual from Dragon’s Lair Project

DL Emu is configured for playing Dragon’s Lair PAL laserdisc. (frame offset adjusted)

Joystick on port 2.
It miss an audio mixer to have sound both DL and C64. I hope soon to fix.


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