DL64 FMV – Download

In this page you can find an alpha stage of the Dragon’s Lair port on C64 from laserdisc game.

Download updated version with score system!

Use joystick on port #2, and press key 5 to start game.

No score and music/sfx available.

Video player based on NUVIE player from Crest/Deekay.

Before download files read this instructions.

This game runs on C64 emulators with 16MB REU support (VICE, micro64, ecc…)
Every scenes is on a distinct REU file.
If you use standard VICE you need manually change REU file with file name displaed on the screen.
I have compiled VICE x64 with REU extreme MOD (more infos on README file). REU files has changed automatically from C64 game. (added a new port at $DF0B to select REU file)

Virtually this game runs on real C64 with cartridges 1541 Ultimate or Chameleon.
I don’t have none of these to test.

WARNING! You can download and use this game only when you own a legitimate Dragon’s Lair copy of the game, any media format, such as laserdisc, DVD, CD…

[Updated link after google shutdowns]

Download game DL64 FMV

Download updated game with score system (you need download the first FMV version too)

Download VICE x64 REU Extreme MOD for Windows (64bit only)

Download VICE reu.c source (to compile VICE by yourself)

6 thoughts on “DL64 FMV – Download

  1. I have tried this on the Ultimate II. The problem here is that the Ultimate does not understand the .lst file when running the program nor does it understand the .bin (reu) files). The ultimate only loads .reu files into the reu. I changed all the .bin to .reu and ran the program. I had to load each .reu file manually as the program asked for them and the video played. I am not sure though if you can control the character in the video though as it look like it was just playing the .reu file. The score did work and go down each time I was killed though and showed the kill scene after manual load. Also it was very slow in loading of each .reu file 3+ minutes. I know that is the limitation of the ultimate and/or the usb device I am using. Will transfer to sd and try again may be faster. So I am not sure how this could work fluidly on the ultimate if the ultimate does not recognize the .lst files nor the .bin files. Hopefully this can be worked out, since it did play the video once I changed it to .reu and load manually each time the prg asked for the specific .reu file. Very cool!
    FYI I tried this on a C64 Reloaded PAL board in US :).


    1. Correct! The lst file is used from Vice only.
      I’ll would have a firmware hack to use lst file on Ultimate II. Do you know programmers able to this? 🙂

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